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With Airhome Invest, each of your property investments will be guided by and experienced multidisciplinary team. Approach every stage of your investment with safety and personalized support aimed at achieving your goals.

Discover Airhome’s unique investment opportunities, with high return on investment rates in less than a year. Our strategy focuses on free market transactions or auctions, selected through intensive due diligence and big data analysis. We focus our attention on the most profitable urban areas with high growth prospects in Italy’s main provincial capitals.

Want to know for more? Fill out the form to connect with our Consulting Team. In response, you will receive a free copy of our handbook ‘Real Estate Investor. Find only real deals without wasting time’, an essential guide for those who want to invest cleverly in the real estate market.

Since 2019 AirHome is an innovative real estate investment company in Italy. Our goal is to bring innovation to the Italian real estate industry, making it more transparent, dynamic and accessible for everyone. We are committed to make the world of real estate investment simple for our clients.

Airhome operates in two main areas. The first is our Real Estate division, where we deal with real estate flipping operations on the open market, both directly and on the behalf of our clients through personalised consultancy services. The second area is the Airhome Digital division, where we created the first Italian platform dedicated to the research, analysis and valuation of investment properties, making the process much simpler for investors.

Airhome identifies the best investment opportunities using its extensive real estate network and a powerful research platform. This platform analyses more than 2.000.000 properties in Italy on a daily basis, enabling us to provide you with accurate reports on the most profitable investment opportunities. Every 10 days, we send you a report with the most profitable proposals, with advanced market analysis, business plan, photos and floor plans. In addition, we select the 5 most attractive deals for you, to present you the best of the properties market at your fingertips.

After identifying a real estate opportunity, you will work closely with a consultant from our team. Together, you will examine the chosen property or properties, analyzing their characteristics in detail. We will evaluate the business plan numbers together and plan the next steps of the investment transaction, ensuring that every decision is well-informed and focused on your success.” All this from the comfort of your own home, without wasting time.

After you have accepted the investment proposal, Airhome will also support you in the renovation of your property. Thanks to the cooperation with our reliable partners, we can guarantee you a comprehensive and quality service covering every aspect, from the search to the renovation of the property. Our goal is to ensure you a successful and profitable property investment in a short time.

Airhome Invest’s Property Consultancy service costs €4,900, divided into two payments: the first transaction, 50%, is made when you sign up for the service, the second transaction, also 50%, is made when you select the property for your investment.

The service has an average duration of 90 days, where we 100% guarantee to find your next property. If we do not find the property that meets your needs within this period, we will extend the search for another 60 days at no extra cost.

During the entire service, you will have access to the exclusive Airhome Invest platform.

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