Frequently Asked Questions

Airhome Invest platform collects the data of thousands of properties throughout the Italian territory every day, analyzes the information collected by calculating the forecasts of costs and revenues and in a simple and intuitive way it allows you to find the most useful properties on which to invest.
Our investment logic is based on “real estate flipping”, that means buying a property that is sold at a lower price than the average cost of the neighborhood in which it is located, renovating the property in order to increase its value and resell it with a good profit margin in a short amount of time.
Property data is collected from the main online real estate listing websites.
The collected data are analyzed by two algorithms that work synchronically. The firs one estimates the costs, revenues and the deviation of the €/sqm selling price of the property from the average €/sqm price of the neighborhood, while the second processes information on the specifics of every single property.
The neighborhoods prices are calculated performing an average of the prices of the properties for sale in a given neighborhood. Airhome offers three price scenarios in the property statement, this is because our experience taught us that the value of a property doesn’t depend on its location only.
Airhome rating is a simple and immediate way to understand the quality of an investment. To define the rating, not only the economic sustainability of the operation is taken into consideration, but also the specifics of every single property such as floor, presence of a balcony or terrace, elevator etc.
  • Request: is the price of the property requested by the seller 
  • Surface: are the square meters of the property declared by the seller 
  • Offer: is the price offered for the purchase of the property 
  • Agency Fee: is the estimate of the amount of agency commissions 
  • Discount on the offer: it is the percentage discount that the buyer wants to apply on the price 
  • Renewal Costs: by renewal costs we mean all those maintenance interventions necessary to increase the value of the property during the resale phase, such as: the construction of new walls, the reconstruction of the floor, the substitution of windows and doors, the reconstruction of the electrical and plumbing systems, the installation of finishes (coatings, tiles etc.), the construction of any plasterboard works, the painting of the walls and the change of the boiler.
  • Airhome provides an estimate of the renewal costs which represents a fair balance between quality of materials and costs. If you do not agree with our esteem or the property you have selected does not require renovation, you can edit the statement according to your considerations.
  • Agency commissions: is the percentage of any commission to be paid for the intermediation of the real estate agency. Airhome estimates a 3% commission. If the property is sold by a private individual or the agency commission is different from our estimate, you can edit it according to your situation. 
  • Notary: this is our estimate of the costs of the notary’s fee for the deed practices. Again, if the estimate is not in line with your considerations, you can always change it. 
  • Construction permissions: represents the cadastral adjustment cost following a renovation or the charges for the change of destination of a property. If you decide to review the interior spaces of a property or change their destination, you can always keep track of these costs. 
  • Unforeseen: investing in real estate pays off, but we decided to include this field to take into account some unexpected expenses. 
  • Registration tax: it is the tax rate for the purchase of a property in Italy, you can select a rate of 2% for the first home or 9% if you buy a second home or as a VAT subject.
  • Registration tax value: it is the economic amount of the registration tax. 
  • Total costs: is the sum of all costs of the operation 
  • Resale price: is the estimate price of the property back on the market following the renovation. 
  • Resale price per sqm: represents the estimate of the resale price per sqm of the property following the renovation for the reference neighborhood.
  • The sqm price of a neighborhood is processed by Airhome following the analysis of the of properties prices for sale in a specific area of ​​the city. The sqm prices of the neighborhoods are calculated and re-evaluated every month. 
  • ROI: literally return on investment. It is the percentage value of the revenues generated from the property sale compared to the total costs. 
  • Gross profit: it is the economic amount of the revenues of the operation. 
  • Total Investment Costs: is the sum of the estimated costs of the operation and the purchase price of the property.
  • We love investing for three reasons. 
  • They give us the possibility to create value both for our organization and for the people who buy our properties 
  • Stability and security make us feel safe. Investing in real estate may not be simple and involves risks, but it is one of the industries with the lowest rate of volatility 
  • We are visionaries and we like to see how the projects we imagine become real.

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