About Us

We are AirHome, Real Estate innovation pioneers. Our mission is to make real estate more transparent, dynamic and accessible. Under the leadership of Francesco Del Buono, we have revolutionized the Real Estate search, making it fast, simple and efficient. We believe that time is the most valuable resource, which is why we created the first real estate investment search platform. Whether you are an experienced investor or looking for your first home, Airhome guides you to the best investment.

Our Values

We are constantly looking for new solutions to simplify and optimise the real estate world, bringing forward revolutionary ideas to enhance the investment experience.

We firmly believe in clarity and honesty in every aspect of our work. We provide accurate and detailed information to ensure that our customers make well-informed decisions.

We value our clients’ time and strive to make it productive. Our goal is to make the real estate investment process as quick and smooth as possible.

We work to make real estate accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level. Our platform is designed to guide both experienced and beginner investors towards wise and informed investment choices.

Francesco Del Buono

CEO and Founder
Francesco Del Buono, CEO of Airhome, combines his deep experience as an entrepreneur and investor in the real estate industry. With over a decade of success in project management of major real estate projects and investments, Francesco combines a passion for real estate and technology with a dedication to Digital. His vision is driven by a constant desire for innovation and scrupulous attention to detail, key elements that define his every initiative in the world of Real Estate.