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AirHome cares about the safety of your savings. Lemon Way is a payment institution for crowdfunding and ecommerce platforms. Thanks to our partner we can ensure the highest control and security standard on the investmet flows.


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from the coclusion of the transaction.


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AirHome cares about the safety of your savings. Lemon Way is a payment institution for crowdfunding and ecommerce platforms. Thanks to our partner we can ensure the highest control and security standard on the investmet flows.


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Airhome Invest is an Innovative Startup and wants to become the first Italian Landing Crowdfunding platform for real estate investments with a high content of Design and Innovation. Our proposal will be based on the quality of our projects that reflect the culture and soul of "Made in Italy" in terms of style and attention to detail. Our mission is to provide a sustainable return on investment and a substantial growth in the return of the New Generation real estate investor. Our dream is to build a new investment experience, a portfolio of properties in the most prestigious locations in the world to be shared with other users.

The Airhome Team


Francesco Del Buono

He has gained ten years of experience in Project Management of large orders and Real Estate Investments. Real estate is his passion, design his dedication, essential lines and love for detail are his philosophy.


Juri Favilli

Architect specialized in interior design. He has gained a decade of experience as an architect and designer in recognizing the real needs of the customer and transforming them into concrete realities with a high profile of design and research.


Stefano Fornoni

He has extensive experience in all matters related to taxation and investments. He is an expert in commercial, economic and business management matters.


Raniero De Santis

He gained a long term experience in relocation and rent to rent trade. His passon for properties pushed him through the real estate investments. Expert in real estate trade trend analisis.

What's next


Crowdfunding Platform - Sharing and connection of the best projects to get in the new generation of real estate invetments

ARP - Algorithmic Research Platform Airhome offer the most advanced caluclation system to find out the best real estate invesments on the market

AirHome App - Real estate invetsment on you smartphone


How Crowdfunding works

Crowdfunding is a way that entrepreneurs use to raise funds, not by asking an investor for a considerable contribution, but by reaching a large group of people interested in investing, who contribute with a small amount of money. A fundamental difference between crowdfunding and traditional fundraising methods is that the first one is usually performed online through specialized platforms. Real estate investors have adopted crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional investment. For example, real estate crowdfunding platforms are used to solicit investments from groups of investors. But why has real estate crowdfunding taken hold in recent years? Whether you have just started your journey through real estate investments or you are an expert professional, obtaining funding to implement a project can be a real challenge. With its advent in the real estate sector, many investors have taken advantage of crowdfunding as an alternative way to finance their operations. In addition, crowdfunding is associated with numerous advantages including: - real estate crowdfunding increases the possibilities of financing and increases the network of investors - Successful projects will lead to positive word of mouth and customer loyalty over time - you can save money and time by using an intuitive investment platform Airhome is a startup that, leveraging on the quality of Made in Italy, has the objective of guaranteeing a high-level real estate crowdfunding experience. The purpose of Airhome is to guarantee access to people who want to make real estate investments in the most prestigious locations in the world. Through the system developed by Airhome, the person will virtually own a part of the property which will guarantee the user an annual income of between 5% and 10%.

Crowdfunding is convenient

Real estate crowdfunding is an ever increasing trend in the investment trade. If used correctly, it can be useful for obtaining financing. This is the path that most real estate crowdfunding investors take, mainly because it guarantees a higher return than other investments. If you are wondering if real estate crowdfunding pays off, it may be useful to know that the real estate sector is one of the largest in the world and is expected to grow by 30% per year for the next 10 years. In order to invest intelligently in the real estate sector, it is necessary to turn to platforms that are able to combine the technological aspect, quality services and professionalism. By choosing Airhome, for example, you can take advantage of the best modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), home automation and Virtual Tours. In addition, you will have access to a team of experts in the sector. with a professional background of the highest level. They will be able to advise which is the best investment to make, choosing from real estate properties in the most suggestive locations in the World.

Best real estate crowdfunding platforms

With a huge offer of crowdfunding platforms available on internet, it's easy to risk getting confused. Our best advice is to choose a platform based on site functionality, credibility, documentation and quality of customer service. For example, for those who are approaching the real estate investment sector for the first time, it may be appropriate to stay away from platforms that cause continuous inefficency. Instead, it would be appropriate to opt for solutions that provide people with experience in the management of real estate investments. The Airhome team is made up of resources who have known the real estate sector for years and can understand better than others what the sector's dynamics are at national and international level. Airhome will take care of the design, planning, renovation and furnishing processes necessary to rent the property. Next, you'll want to look for a site with solid risk capital support. Since your investment may be stuck for a certain period of time, be sure to use a credible platform that will be up and running for a long time. With Airhome you can receive real estate proposals selected directly by the team that will offer them to customers in the form of shared investment. Furthermore, unlike the other real estate crowdfunding platforms, Airhome guarantees the payment of profits every 3/6 months and at the end of 3/5 years of investment, the property will be put up for sale and the capital gain divided among the participants of the operation.


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